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fenderroller instructions

RK - 29 - FenderRoller "Standard" Endoskop Kontakt
FenderRoller "Professional" | FenderRoller "Porsche" | FenderRoller "Standard" | Operating Instructions
Loosen the wheel and remove it from the wheel spindle. Thoroughly clean the inside of the mudguard and edge of the wheel arch; remove loose skid plate and other loose parts e.g. split etc. Secure the FenderRoller to the wheel spindle flange with the original wheel bolts or nuts. The wheel guard should be moved in several stages. For example, first by 30 degrees, then 60, then 90. The FenderRoller can be adjusted in one go by loosening the upper clamping lever. During this process, the area to be worked should be heated thoroughly using a hot air gun (c. 40-60°C). The FenderRoller can be adapted to suit different wheel guard radii and wheel arches by adjusting the telescope and twisting the spindle. If the Fender Roller is used properly, you will then have a smooth beaded edge without lasting damage to the varnish. After the beading process is completed, the inside edges of the wheel arches should be sealed with an appropriate car body jointing compound and car body protective coating.
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